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Adventure Tour Packages in Uttarakhand

Corbett Safari
Suniti Tour & Travels in Nainital (Uttarakhand) be able to help you with all your arrangements for any of these visits. We can also arrange very knowledgeable, English speaking and friendly 'Nature and Wildlife Guides' during your tour / trip.

Price (Indian): INR-4000/- Max.1- 6 person in One Jeep, all inclusive.
Price (Foreigner): INR- 6500/- Max.1- 6 person in One Jeep, all inclusive.
Safari Zones: Bijrani, Jhirna, Sitabani, and Durgadevi.
Timings: Mor. 6.30 AM-10 AM / Eve. 1.30 Noon – 5.30 PM.
Booking: One month in advance.
Booking period: Round the year, except rainy season.

Price (Indian): INR-1600/- per Adult, Child 7-11 years Rs.800/- Max. 16 people in One Canter.
Price (foreigner): INR- 3500/- per person, Max. 16 people in One Canter.
Safari Zone: Dhikala.
Timings: Mor. 6 AM-11.30 AM / Eve. 12.00 Noon – 5.30PM.
Booking: One month in advance.
Safari period: 15 Nov. to 31 May.

Price (Indian): Rate applicable as per guest requirement.
Price (foreigner): Rate applicable as per guest requirement
Stay Zones: Dhikala, Bijrani as per availability.
Advance booking: One month before.
Stay period: 15 Nov. to 15 June.

Terms & condition:
Required: Guest name / age / sex and ID proof required, PAN card is not valid.
Carry: Guest has to carry the same original ID proof as submitted in the form.
Pickup: The Jeep will pickup from Hotel / Railway Station (condition apply)
Allow: Camera / Video Camera / Binoculars are allowed in forest free of cost. Outside food / plastic bags not permitted in forest.
Booking: Full payment in advance.
Cancellation: Once booking done, no refund, no cancellation, and no transfer.

River Crossing / Rock Climbing

Per person Rs. 800/-

Paragliding is the most simple form to fly & all you require is a Paraglider. A Para-glider is a non-motorized, foot - launched inflatable wing, which is easy to transport, launch, and land. It is constructed of rip-stop nylon or high stress polyester fabric. The pilot is clipped into a harness and is in a comfortable sitting position. The harness and the Para-glider attached by sturdy kevlar lines. The Paragliders can fly in the air for hours with the help of the glider & climb to altitudes, more than 10,000 feet high or opt for cross-country flying adventure covering vast distances.

Uttarakhand being surrounded by the high peaks of Himalayas in the north side & the plains of Terai region in the south offers a perfect way for paragliding. It stands as one of the best paragliding destinations for experienced and amateur para - gliders. Tourists come here every year for training. They also enjoy the joyful rides of paragliding in Uttarakhand (Kumaon & Garhwal region)

Price (Indian) : INR-1500/- Per person.
Price (foreigner): INR- 1500/- per person.
Venue: NAKUCHIYATAL - 42 Kms. from Nainital.
Altitude: Flying height 1200 Ft".
Timings: (Summer) Mor. 7 AM to 5.30 PM – (Winter) Mor. 9 AM to 4 PM.
Advance booking: One week before.
Flying period: Round the year, except bad weather.

Terms & condition:
Age: 3 year + minimum required for flying.
Risk: Heart patient are advice not to fly.
Guide: One trained guide will assist you at the time of flying.
Required: Weight should be minimum 10 Kg. to maximum 80 Kg. only.
Booking: Full payment in advance.
Cancellation: In case of bad weather, full payment will be refund.

White Water River Rafting
River Rafting or whitewater river rafting is a challenging recreational activity using a raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. Only few rivers in the world have the mystique of the Ganges, the living mother Goddess of the India. River rafting on its water of wisdom is certainly an unusual experience. Enjoy and explore the life time experience on a date with mother Ganges. Your first encounter will be the beginning of the addiction.

Rishikesh have couple of river rafting camps by the river / beach camps as Suniti tour & travels. Rishikesh regions famous for beach camps are Bhrampuri, Shivpuri, Byasi, Marine Drive and Kaudiyala. Bhrampuri is 12 kms from rishikesh town, Shivpuri is 16 Kms. Bayasi and Marine Drive beaches are 24 Kms from Rishikesh. River Rafting is offered from all these places and most preffered river rafting section is from shivpuri downwords Suniti tour & travels offer you specialized river rafting and carefully picked Camping options in all the regions with exclusive and private beach camps with thorough trained and well mannered staff, which you won't find everywhere. All our camps offer river rafting with professional gear and equipment under trained and licensed river rafting guide.

Camping is possibly the finest way to enjoy the serenity of nature with the company of your friends & family. It is the best mode to spend times in the lap of nature and forget the mundane affairs of an otherwise hectic life. It also provides an opportunity to spend quality times with the loved ones and understand them better. The Uttarakhand Himalayan region in India is one such place that offers fantastic range of camping.

Whether it is wildlife camping or normal camping, Indian topography offers everything for the adventure enthusiasts. It can prove to be very beneficial for the growing and budding mind of the children. Camping is a recreational activity and there is no age limit. Anyone who likes to explore nature can take up this camping expedition.

uttarakhand camping Tour packages, Best camping Tour Package Nainital
uttarakhand camping Tour packages, Best camping Tour Package Nainital
uttarakhand camping Tour packages, Best camping Tour Package Nainital
uttarakhand camping Tour packages, Best camping Tour Package Nainital
uttarakhand camping Tour packages, Best camping Tour Package Nainital
uttarakhand camping Tour packages, Best camping Tour Package Nainital
uttarakhand camping Tour packages, Best camping Tour Package Nainital
uttarakhand camping Tour packages, Best camping Tour Package Nainital

Sunitit Tour & Travels offers the widest range of guided, self guided and tailor made walking, kayaking and best adventure tour packages in Uttarakhand.

For people with little or no experience of kayaking, our Introduction course is a perfect short break, allowing you to learn the basic skills required for most challenging and adventurous tours.

Kayaking is just like backpacking on an off beaten path, except that this time your adventure activities is on the sea. This sport provide the best opportunity for sports lovers to come close to nature. While canoeing presents quiet a unique combination of exploration. Paddle through the amazing sea caves, explore offshore islands, and snorkel the marine reserves that are filled with abundant marine treasures.

Besides keep a person fit and fine, canoeing and Kayaking are eco - friendly water sports. Canoes and kayaks are made to glide through water and because of their conical ends thay are easy to maneuver on water. This unique feature makes them highly efficient on trying on most kind of water bodies. Canoes can accommodate atleast two people with their gear and is usually practiced on river and lake, which have flat and still water.