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Champawat - The Capital of 'Rajas'

Champawat is located at an altitude of 1,675 metres in Kumaon in Uttarakhand state. This place is rich in natural beauty with dozens of tourist attractions spots offering picturesque and scenic beauties of landscapes, rushing Rivers, hills, bird watching, wildlife, camping and enthralling places of interest for trekking. Champawat bestows many other places of historical, cultural, and religious importance like Devidhura, Pancheshwar, Poornagiri and Baleshwar temple.

Champawat, once the capital of the rulers of the Chand dynasty, is famous for its natural beauty and well known temples. The ancient fort, now houses headquarters of the Tehsil office. A historical spot, Champawat has many well known temples of high artistic value. The Baleshwar temple is the noted attraction of Champawat. The Nagnath temple at Champawat is also an excellent example of ancient architecture of Kumaon. 4 - 5 kms. from Champawat is the 'Ek Hathiya Ka Naula', which is said to have been constructed in just one night by the one handed artisan. The story of Golla Devta is also associated with Gorilla Chaur of Champawat. It was in Champawat that Lord Vishnu is said to have appeared as 'Kurma avatar' (Incarnation as tortoise). This hill is also known as Mt. Kandev. There is a small fort at Champawat. Jim Corbett had come to this region in the first decade of the twentieth century in order to hunt for man eating tigers.

Champawat Main Tourist Spot Are:

Baleshwar Temple, Eco Tourism Park / Golf Club Champawat, Vanasur-Ka-Kila, Gwal Devta, Aditya Sun Temple, Jim Corbett and Champawat, Nagnath Temple, Ek Hathiya Ka Naula, Kranteshwar Mahadev, Mayawati Ashram, Pancheshwar, Abbot Mount, Devidhura, Meetha Reetha Saheb Gurudwara, Purnagiri Temple, Shyamlatal, Banbasa etc.

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