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Lohaghat - The sleepy town of Mythology

Lohaghat on the banks of Lohawati River in Tanakpur district is one of the important places for its beautiful temples. Located at an altitude of 1706 mts, Lohaghat is a few kilometers from Pithoragarh. This ancient town of Lohaghat has immense historical and mythological importance which attracts a number of tourists. Spread over an areas of 4.5 sq kms, Lohaghat is one of the most beautiful places in Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal) specially made popular because of its historical and mythological associations.

Plan a tour to Lohaghat and plan trips to the near by tourist attractions of Lohaghat famous for its temples and nearby ashrams.

Mostly devotees and pilgrims from all over drop into Lohaghat before visiting Advaita Ashram which is also called the Mayawati Ashram. A sleepy little town of Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal) it shot to fame because of the beautiful temples and fascinating locales near by.

Lohaghat Main Tourist Spot Are:

Mayawati Ashram, Abbot Mount, Devidhura, Pancheshwar, Vanasur Ka Kila, Devidhura, Meetha Reetha Saheb etc.

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